Who is Agway?

AGWAY, a division of Southern States Cooperative, Inc. since 2000, is a wholesale product distribution company serving a network of approximately 460 private dealers in eleven states throughout the Northeast.

Under the AGWAY umbrella; the Southern States Distribution Center in Westfield, MA provides the AGWAY dealer network with national brand products as well as our own line of private labeled products under the names:

  • AGWAY; lawn, garden, pet products, farm and equine supplies
  • Feathered Friend; wild bird seed, suet and feeders
  • Pro-Pet, Big Red, Lil Red; dog, cat and small animal feeds
  • Southern States; bird seed and farm supplies
  • Statesman; bird feeders, boots, outdoor living products and tools

Under these names, Southern States Cooperative, Inc.private labels quality products and offers them at competitive pricing, giving the customer a product they can trust and rely on year after year.


AGWAY dealer locations carry lawn and garden, wild and caged bird seeds and feeders, bird supplies, pet products and farm supplies.

So then, what is an AGWAY store?  s it a Farm store, a Lawn and Garden, a Nursery, a Pet or a Wild Birding store? The answer is "YES".

An AGWAY store is what that location owner feels is suitable for their market. Each independently owned and operated store will choose the products they feel are the best to serve their market needs.

  • An AGWAY store in upstate New York or Pennsylvania may be a country feed store with everything you need to run a farm.
  • An AGWAY store on Cape Cod or Connecticut may be a charming lawn and garden, pet and bird supply store, and you'll find what ever you need to make your home and yard attractive and inviting.

The common bond and what you will find in every AGWAY store is the AGWAY philosophy and attitude. Brands you trust. People who know...... is more than just our tag line.

Every AGWAY store owner knows it is the AGWAY name and reputation that sets their store apart from the competition. AGWAY store employees know about the products they sell and will take the time to help you choose the right product for your needs "plus" take the time to show you how to get the most from each and every product they sell. And, as if that wasn't enough... they'll even load your purchases in your car for you! That's the kind of sales and service most other retailers have forgotten and the helpful extra that sets Agway apart.

Give your local AGWAY store a try today. You may not know what kind of store to call it but you sure will know what kind of shopping experience you'll get.

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