Agway Wear Green Grass Seed 25 Lb


Wear Green is an exclusive AGWAY mixture of premium turf-type tall fescue varieties that are tolerant to wear for lawn areas with heavy traffic or recreational use.  The disease tolerant perennial reygrasses germinate quickly and generate growth to fill thin areas.  The fine-textured Kentucky Bluegrass adds deep color and blends to create a beautiful, dense lawn. 

Agway Wear Green is a blend of improved, turf type tall fescue with 10% turf type perennial ryegrass and 5% Kentucky Bluegrass that looks good and tolerates wear, drought, poor soils, and low maintenance. It withstands wear and drought, germinates quickly and is easy to maintain and will grow well in full sun to medium shade. One 25lb bag seeds 3,900 sq.ft. for new lawns and 7,800 sq.ft. for overseeding.  



Agway Guarantees Satisfaction!
If you are not fully satisfied with the performance of this quality grass seed, send proof of purchase, original sales receipt identifying the product and an explanation of the problem within 90 days to:
Southern States
Seed Department
PO Box 26234
Richmond, VA 23260
We will send you a certificate for twice the purchase price of the seed.  Seller’s damages are limited to twice the purchase price of the seed. 

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