Decorating Clay Pots


Clay pots are the most popular containers for houseplants, container gardens and outdoor potted plants, but they can seem drab and uninspired. It is easy to spruce up these containers, however, and with a bit of creativity, you can decorate clay pots in a number of fun and unique ways.

  • Paint: Painting pots is easy, and solid colors add a burst of brilliance to your garden. Use rough brush strokes for a rustic look, or use more coats of paint for a smooth, polished finish. For a more colorful pot, paint the rim and the bucket different colors or paint a series of pots different colors to create a rainbow effect when they are grouped together.
  • Patterns: Painting clay pots in fun and colorful patterns can turn an ordinary pot into a masterpiece. Geometric or abstract patterns such as swirls, dots, or stripes are easy for anyone to paint, or if you have a more artistic predilection, paint your pots with flowers, the names of what you will grow, or whole scenes.
  • Ribbons: Adding a ribbon to a clay pot is one of the easiest ways to decorate it. Ribbons come in many widths, colors, and patterns, and a simple ribbon can be tied around the pot in a large bow for an instant accent, or use a wide ribbon tightly wrapped around the pot and held in place with a bit of glue for a simpler decoration.
  • 3-D Accents: Adding three dimensional accents can completely transform your clay pot. Use glue or a thin mortar to attach pebbles, shells, flattened marbles, buttons, or mosaic tiles to your pot, either randomly or in a distinct pattern to turn an ordinary pot into something extraordinary.
  • Holidays: Creating decorated clay pots specifically for holidays can add a seasonal touch to all your container plantings. Solid holiday colors, holiday patterns, or fun designs such as a jack-o-lantern for Halloween or a wicker look for an Easter basket are fun options that are easy to decorate.


Inside the Pot

No matter how you decorate the outside of your clay pots, don’t forget to decorate the inside as well. First, select a good quality soil, every plant needs a healthy base to grow and flourish.  Choose plants with different colors, sizes, shapes, and textures to turn the plants themselves into artwork, and add decorative labels or plant picks for even more color and uniqueness. Inside and out, even the plainest clay pot can be beautiful!


Don't forget the plant food!  Your local Agway dealer can recommend the proper plant food and care for your specific plants.


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