Electric Fence Options - Electric Poly Tape, Rope or Wire



When considering the type of electric fence to build, keep in mind you can look beyond traditional aluminum or steel electric fence wire to something safer, more visible and easier to work with; namely electrified poly fence line products like Zareba Systems' poly tape, poly rope and poly wire.

Poly electric fence line is increasing in popularity because initial installation is simple and the product is easily re-used. It weighs only three pounds per 1,000 feet, making it convenient to handle, install and rewind. It can be re-used again and again and is easily tightened and repaired. This ease of installation makes electric poly fence line ideal for temporary grazing, strip or rotational grazing as well as general pasture, pet and garden fencing.

Once installed, electric poly fence line is safer than aluminum or steel electric fence wire because it is much more visible to animals. Zareba Systems' poly tapes, ropes and wires use color combinations that provide maximum visibility and come in sizes to meet most electric fencing needs, including 1-1/2 inch white poly tape, which is ideal for creating a "white-rail" look for equine electric fences.  In the rare event that an animal were to break through an electrified fence constructed with poly fence line, the chances of the animal of being cut, gouged or scraped are minimal.  It is the safest fence you can build for your animals.

On top of its superior safety, visibility and ease-of-use, electric poly fence line offers comparable functionality to aluminum or steel electric fence wire. Made from high-density, UV-protected polyethylene strands that are intertwined with stainless steel wire, it is an effective conductor of voltage and electrical current.  The high density polyethylene construction creates a strong, durable fence line that will last for years.

When you are looking at your options for electric fence wire, don't forget to consider the advantages of electric poly tape, poly rope and poly wire. You will find the advantages like superior safety, better visibility, great conductivity and ease-of-use lend themselves perfectly for most electric fencing applications.

By: John Hoffman at Zareba Systems

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