Hermitage Agway

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Phone: 724-347-3031
Fax: 724-347-2245
Hours: MON - WED, FRI: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM; THU: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM; SAT: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM; SUN: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM Spring and Summer



Agway was formed in 1965 by the merger of three feed cooperatives, known as a farm and feed store with friendly, personal service.  Today, 45 years later, Hermitage Agway retains the friendly, personal service but is best known for pet supplies, lawn and garden supplies and the only "farm" left is the horse owner and back yard farmer.

Owner Steve Lengel believes solving people's problems and every day competitive prices keep customers coming back again and again.  The Agway store of today truly has something for everybody.   A short drive to 4065 East State St in Hermitage will allow you to see the selection of merchandise and talk to the employees. Springtime is bustling with all the gardeners planting, fertilizing and mulching.  The bagged soils, lime and fertilizer is always stored inside to ensure a usable high quality product.  Both bulk and bag mulch is available for pick up or delivery.  Local greenhouses are used to grow the best plants for your gardens.  Summer is question time.  Why is my grass brown?  What is this but?  How do I make my flowers bloom more?  My grapes rotted on the vine last year, what do I do?  Etc. etc. etc... The Agway employees enjoy answering all your questions. 

When fall rolls around, the parking lot is loaded with beautiful mums, bright orange pumpkins, colorful Indian corn and bundles of corn stalks.  Fall is also driveway sealer time. Customers say Agway’s sealer lasts longer and goes farther than the competitive brands.  Winter gets very hectic when old man winter brings snow and ice.  Agway provides rock salt and ice melting products to many of the contractors in the Shenango Valley.  They buy pallets of the products at one time but the employees are happy to load a bag or two for the home owner.  Bird food and wild animal food are also mainstays during the winter months.

Although the seasons change, and the products sold change, one thing never changes and that is the friendly, courteous service Steve and his dedicated employees give to everyone, everyday at Hermitage Agway.  Please call 724-347-3031 for hours and directions.



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