The Feathered Friend Wild Bird Food Club

Feathered Friend Wild Bird Food is an exclusive brand of Agway. The broad selection of quality seed mixes and single ingredients are the perfect way to attract a variety of colorful birds, and keep them coming back. Being a member of the Agway Feathered Friend Bird Club offers exclusive product discounts and rewards.

Here's how the club card works:

  1. 1 Sign up at your local participating Agway store.
  2. 2 Fill out the card and the store will keep it on file for you or have them enter you into their register system.
  3. 3 The store will keep track of your accumulated Feathered Friend bird seed purchases.
  4. 4 When you have purchased 500 lbs. of Feathered Friend bird food you will receive a $10.00 certificate good towards a future purchase of Feathered Friend bird food.

Feathered Friend products are available in a variety of mixes from 5 lb. to 40 lb. bag sizes.

Feathered Friend Wild Bird Food purchases must be made and recorded at the location that holds your membership. Accumulated purchases are not transferable to another Agway location. Contact your local Agway store for details.