Agway Stage Lawn Care Program

The Agway 4 Stage Lawn Care Program is formulated to take care of your lawn’s needs all year long. Starting with a crabgrass preventer and fertilizer in the early spring, moving to weed control and ending with a boost of fertilizer to help your lawn through the cold winter months. Available in 5M and 15M programs.

Agway Stage 1 Crabgrass Control & Fertilizer 5,000 sq. ft.

SKU: 10223481

Agway Stage 2 Weed Control & Fertilizer 5,000 sq. ft.

SKU: 10223483

Agway Stage 3 Lawn Fertilizer 5,000 sq. ft.

SKU: 10223485

Agway Stage 4 Winterizer Fertilizer 5,000 sq. ft.

SKU: 10223487

Greenlawn Lawn Fertilizers

Greenlawn Fertilizer is designed to give our customers a great lawn at an economical price. Available in both straight fertilizers along with combination products, there is a product sure to fit your needs.

Greenlawn Lawn Fertilizer 5,000 sq. ft.

SKU: 10223493

Greenlawn Lawn Starter Fertilizer 5,000 sq. ft.

SKU: 10223497

Greenlawn Weed Control & Fertilizer 5,000 sq. ft.

SKU: 10223491

Greenlawn Fall Fertilizer 5,000 sq. ft.

SKU: 10223495

Greenlawn Crabgrass Control & Fertilizer 5,000 sq. ft.

SKU: 10223489

Agway Lime

Available in ultrafast, fast acting or pelletized.

Greenlawn™ Lime 10,000 SQ. FT.

SKU: 10224338

Agway Fast Acting Lime Plus Ast 5,000 sq. ft.

SKU: 10215372

Agway Pelletized Limestone 40 lb.

SKU: 10200703

Agway Grass Seed

Agway Ready Green

Well adapted to full sun and moderate shade, containing a water absorbing polymer around the seed which retains and saves water to enhance seed germination and grass establishment. Ready Green also contains a micro nutrient package of magnesium, manganese, zinc and iron, which is essential for proper plant growth and maintenance.

Agway Wear Green

A blend of improved, turf type tall fescue with 10% turf type perennial ryegrass and 5% Kentucky bluegrass that looks good and tolerates wear, drought, poor soils, and low maintenance. Grows well in full sun to medium shade.

Agway Shady Green

Ideally suited to full or partially shaded areas. It is a blend of Fine Fescue, Kentucky Bluegrass, and Turf Type Perennial Ryegrass and will grow well in a variety of soils while producing an attractive turf that needs medium maintenance.

Agway Sun & Shade

Sun & Shade has been formulated with turf type perennial ryegrass, creeping red fescue, and Kentucky bluegrass to adapt to both shady and sunny conditions. It blends with existing turf grasses in a lawn area well. Is tolerant to medium traffic and requires medium to low maintenance.

Agway Ready Green 25 lb.

SKU: 02142629

Agway Wear Green 25 lb.

SKU: 02142506

Agway Shady Green 25 lb.

SKU: 02142511

Agway Sun & Shade Mixture 25 lb.

SKU: 02100050

Agway Organic Fertilizers

Agway Organic Garden Food with Calcium

Ideal for flowers, vegetables, and landscape plantings. Supports beneficial soil organisms and contains natural calcium for stronger roots and larger plants. OMRI Certified.

Agway Natural Organic Lawn Food

Natural organic fertilizer for fertilizing lawns, gardens, trees and shrubs.

Agway Corn Gluten Fertilizer

A superb natural nitrogen source, excellent for lawns and gardens. Convenient granulated form for easy application. Apply in early spring and again in late fall if rebuilding soil.

Agway Organic Garden Food with Calcium 20 LB.

SKU: 10214799

Agway Natural Organic Lawn Food 40 LB.

SKU: 10215269

Agway Corn Gluten Fertilizer 40 LB.

SKU: 10209991

Agway Soils & Peat Moss

Start your garden right with Agway premium soils and peat moss. Our premium soils can be used for growing vegetables, fruits and flowers along with providing a healthier lawn. Nourishes plants and supports their growth.

Agway peat moss provides a natural, organic medium that improves the structure of the soil, while reducing the need for watering and providing an anchor for root development.

Agway Premium Garden Soil 1 cu. ft.

SKU: 10215422

Agway Premium Lawn Soil 1 cu. ft.

SKU: 10215424

Agway Premium Potting Mix 1 cu. ft.

SKU: 10215420

Agway Peat Moss 3.8 cu. ft.

SKU: 10202305

Agway Mulches & Landscape Fabrics

Every great landscape starts with a strong, dependable landscape fabric. From 5 year to 15 year, Agway has you covered. Top off that landscape with one of our Agway mulch products in either hardwood, pine or our colored mulch line.

Agway Landscape Fabric 3' X 50'

SKU: 10209499

Agway Landscape Fabric 4’ X 50’

SKU: 10209501

Agway Cedar Mulch 3 Cu. ft.

SKU: 10201658

Agway Cypress Bark Mulch 3 Cu. ft.

SKU: 10202316

Agway Lawn & Garden Chemicals

Agway lawn & garden chemicals offer the same performance as the national brands at a value price. Agway Sprayers are the perfect way to apply many of our chemicals. Using concentrates offers additional value over the ready to use products.

Agway Kleenup Grass & Weed Killer Concentrate 1 QT.

SKU: 10204031

Agway Grub Control 6 lb.

SKU: 10207895

Agway Mole Repellent 10 lb.

SKU: 10207897

Agway Fruit Tree Spray 1 qt.

SKU: 10204033

Agway Sprayer 2 gal.

SKU: 10207899

Agway Gardening Products

Agway offers a full line of long handle garden tools by Alterra Tools Limited. Available in either full length or D-handle styles. An over-molded handle protects the inner fiberglass core for long-lasting durability and a comfortable grip. Shovels, garden hoes, cultivators and rakes, we have you covered.

Agway D-Handle Digging Shovel

SKU: 10501253

Agway Digging Shovel

SKU: 10501252

Agway Garden Hoe

SKU: 10501256

Agway Bow Rake

SKU: 10501257

Agway Transfer Shovel

SKU: 10501255

National Brands

Your local Agway may also carry a large selection of the top national branded lawn and garden products from trusted suppliers like The Scotts Company, Lebanon Seaboard and Bonide.

Check with your local Agway store for specific availability.

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