Agway Rawhide Dog Treats

Agway Rawhide Dog Chews by Lennox International. These wholesome natural rawhides will keep your companion happy and satisfied. Available in both natural and flavored varieties. Convenient re-sealable pouches.

Agway® Natural Rawhide Chips 32 oz.

SKU: 06657589

Agway® Chicken Flavored Rawhide Chips 16 oz.

SKU: 06657588

Agway® Natural Rolls for Dogs 5 10 PK

SKU: 06657585

Agway Tie-Outs

The Agway tie-out line offers a wide range of products from light duty to heavy duty, including tie-outs, chains with swivels and stakes.

Agway® Large Dog Chain

SKU: 06609724

Agway® Medium Dog Chain

SKU: 06609721

Agway® Extra Heavy Duty Dog Tie-out

SKU: 06609708

Agway Cat Litter

Agway Cat Litters feature a low dust, low tracking formula, available in both scented and unscented scoopable formulas along with a traditional unscented. Ranging from 14 – 40 lb. bags there is a size sure to fit your needs.

Agway® Traditional Unscented Cat Litter 40 lb.

SKU: 06649557

Agway® Scoopable Scented Cat Litter All Natural 14 lb.

SKU: 06649161

Agway® Unscented Scoopable Cat Litter 30 lb.

SKU: 06649554

Agway Pet Bowls

Agway stainless steel pet dishes by Indipet. A full line of high quality, reasonably priced stainless steel bowls. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles to fit your needs.

Agway® Heavy Dog Dish With Removable Base

SKU: 06616902

Agway® Stainless Steel Heavy Dog Dish With Rubber Base

SKU: 06620483

Agway® Double Diner Dog Dish

SKU: 06616888

Southern States COMPLETE

The Southern States Complete line is balanced nutrition that contains no artificial colors or flavors. It’s formulated for pet owners who want to keep their dogs and cats happy and healthy without compromising on taste or value. Contains prebiotics to help maintain a healthy digestive tract. Made with high-quality ingredients, it provides a highly nutritious diet for dogs and cats of all ages.

Southern States Complete Healthy Weight Formula 50 Lb.

SKU: 58800001

Southern States Complete Active Formula 50 Lb.

SKU: 58800003

Southern States Complete Sport Formula 50 Lb.

SKU: 58800004

Southern States Complete Puppy Formula 40 Lb.

SKU: 58800005

Southern States Complete Cat Formula 40 Lb.

SKU: 58800011

Southern States Naturals

The Southern States Naturals line provides great-tasting nutrition. It contains high-quality and wholesome natural ingredients, including an ancient grain, naturally occurring taurine for hearth health, and antioxidants for a healthy immune system. Free of artificial preservatives, colors, flavors and by-products.

Southern States Naturals Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe 40 LB.

SKU: 58800008

Southern States Naturals Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Recipe 40 Lb.

SKU: 58800006

Southern States Naturals Sport Beef Meal & Barley Recipe 40 Lb.

SKU: 58800009

Southern States Grain-Free Recipe

The Southern States Grain-Free Recipe line is specially formulated by dedicated canine nutritionists for any breed or life stage and is ideal for active dogs that need the boost that comes from a grain-free, high-protein diet. With a nutrient rich, well-balanced makeup, it supports healthy skin and coat condition, and also helps dogs that prefer a grain-free diet.

Southern States Chicken & Pea Formula Grain-Free Dog Food 40 lb.

SKU: 50004471

Southern States Salmon, White Fish & Pea Formula Grain-Free Dog Food 40 lb.

SKU: 50004473

National Brands

Along with Agway branded products, your local Agway may carry several trusted national brand pet foods, treats and supplies from suppliers like Earthborn, Pro Pac, Meow Mix, Tidy Cat, Kong and more.

Check with your local Agway store for specific availability.

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