Southern States Cooperative is one of the nation’s largest farmer-owned cooperatives encompassing some 1,200 retail locations in 23 states. Owned by more than 300,000 farmers, the cooperative distributes seed, fertilizer, farm supplies and fuel.

Since its inception, the co-op has led research efforts in order to make the business of farming pay better—in fact, it’s why we were founded in the first place. Southern States does what no one farmer can. Because it pools members’ resources, the co-op enables all its farmer-members to benefit from greater research capabilities. That makes a difference for everyone—reducing the costs of production agriculture helps keep America’s food supply plentiful and affordable for all.

Since its beginning as Virginia Seed Service in 1923, Southern States has been at the forefront of agricultural advances throughout its 90 plus years in business. Some of the co-op’s earliest developments included developing and testing new seed varieties that were adapted for specific geographic regions.

Through the decades, Southern States has used the findings from its research arms to educate farmers in new ideas and more efficient production methods.

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